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Search and Buy Online  
Use the search in the top center of every page or links off our pages. This will put you into our catalogue. You will see part and model numbers, descriptions, pricing, quantity and warranty info. Then click the red add to cart button for the part you want and this will take you to a screen where you confirm the item, quantity, price and select the shipping you need. Then click the check out button at the bottom of this page to proceed to the next page where you enter your billing information and finalize your order. When finished you see a receipt of your order which is also emailed to you.
Email Orders
Use your email for your own order form. Some companies must email us an order and we understand but if you are using a purchase order and have terms setup with us then we would ask you to please submit the order online and not email us. We have a field in the shopping cart for you to enter your 
purchase order number and we will reference it on our invoice to you. Please note: sending an email order with your email information in it is not secure and AOL IM or web chat is not secure either.

Order Cancellations
Orders that have already been prepared for shipment (either picked, tested, packaged, entered to be shipped into UPS, Fedx, DHL) or actually shipped will be subject to a cancellation fee.  A cancellation fee of 25% will apply if your order has been prepared for shipment or has shipped. This is necessary to deter last minute cancellations and to cover the costs that due occur when orders are cancelled and some times subsequently are returned or refused at the delivery point. If we did not start, prepare your shipment or ship the product then you can cancel your order and we will not charge you a cancellation fee. Please notify us at sales@eraindotamastore.com immediately if you need to cancel an order. Most order cancellations we get are sent to us right after an order is placed and we have sufficient time to stop the order before it is prepared or shipped so it is very rare a cancellation fee is charged. We will acknowledge your cancellation by return email. 


Many times the part number is located on the back or underside of the unit - please look for it there. Some times the unit will need to be taken apart to get at the part to see the part number. Many callers expect us to have microfiche or schematics of all the products we sell like some tech support departments at the manufacturers but we do not. So we can not do parts identification for you. Many of the parts are also not located at our sales offices but ship from various locations where the staff there is not able to take products apart for us to figure out what the part number is inside. We are also not able to provide pictures but we will ship you the part number you order.

Another point regarding part numbers that we deal with often is that we do not want to be responsible for suggesting the wrong part number to you since we are not technical. We are like an online parts ordering desk. We have over 400,000 parts and if you tell us you want a roller pin assembly for a Mimaki CJV printer we are not going to be able to look that part number up in some special database but we go to the web site and enter key words just like you can and then we may get one result or several results or 50 results but at that point we still may not be positive about which part is correct for you. This information is probably best found via the manufacturer or spending time on Google.com or following some of our suggestions above. It is best you have the part number and find it on our web site and order it online after you are sure it is correct since we have a restock fee (see our section on our restock fee). If a manufacturer suggests a part to you and it turns out to be incorrect this will not then make us waive the restock fee.


How do I get a price on a Item that says Price Request by email, live chat or call ?
If you see a Item on the site and it says Price Request by email, live chat or call this is because our suppliers don't want us to advertise the price.
We do show how many units may be available on our web site but we need to check pricing before we can quote you. 
This may take 12 to 24 hours when using our form. After you fill out the form, we will email you with your pricing and a link into our shopping cart so you 
can order online. If you need a more immediate reply please contact us via phone or live web chat.

Part Model  is not on the site, I can't find it and I want a price quote?
Unfortunately if you can not find the part Mosel on our site, we suggest you use our advanced search and use various combinations of keywords to figure
out the part number and then search some more. Also a partial part number will work if you do search with the search set to look within only part numbers (see search in top section of every page). If you can not locate your model number on our web site we can not special order it for you like in the above section. If you can not find your part from within our database of over 400,000 model numbers then the probability of it being available is not good and we are sorry but we are not setup to supply these parts. Basically if it is on our site we sell it and if it is not on our site then sorry we do not try to get it to sell it to you.

What is your warranty policy?
1. Our initial warranty procedure is to repair or replace the "defective" product within the warranty period. We just offer warranty from our company not from manufacture.
2. If we then can not repair or replace the unit and determine the product is "defective", we will  issue you a refund check with no restocking fee. 
    If we determine the product is good and is not "defective", our restock fee will apply.

How long is your warranty period?  and with extended warranty?
product is 30 calendar days from ship date. With the extended warranty it is 3 months (90 calendar days) or 6 months (180 calendar days)
from ship date.
New product is 90 calendar days from ship date. With the extended warranty it is 6 months (180 calendar days) or 12 months (360 calendar days) 
from ship date.
Paid repairs is 6 months (180 calendar days) from ship date.

The warranty period starts with the ship date. 
Warranty period does not start over if product is sent into us under warranty and then returned to you. Most warranty issues on new products are handled by our company not the manufacturer. The length of your warranty is stated on your invoice. 

How quickly will my warranty issue be handled by us?
We will process your warranty as quickly as we can. It could be one to several days for us to issue you a RMA number. We are some times dependent upon our distributors and suppliers to turn around your warranty claim so we in turn can issue you a RMA number. We will always do our best to expedite your warranty problems. 

Our warranty does not cover  A. through D. below: 
A. Our warranty does not cover consumables

Our warranty does not cover consumables. Examples of consumables are toner/fusers in printing devices, tapes that go into the tape backup drives or laptop batteries that have an uncontrollable shelf life.

B. Our warranty does not cover the shipping cost back to us.
Our warranty does not cover the shipping cost back to us. It is at your expense unless we ship you the wrong item. We will use UPS, FedEx and EMS when returning product back to you under warranty. If you wish, you can request a faster, more expensive shipping service back to you and elect to pay the cost of shipping back to you. 

C. Our warranty does not cover advance exchanges and loaners
Advance exchanges or loaners are not part of our warranty but we can sell you a replacement and when we get the possibly "defective" unit back we can then request payment by Bank Transfer. If you are in need of this service please let us know. 

D. Our warranty does not cover when warranty stickers have been removed or product was damaged during use.
We will not take product back if the warranty stickers have been removed or broken. This voids any and all warranty. If the product has been dropped or damaged during use (hit by a power surge, etc..) we will not be able to honor the warranty.


What is your return policy?   Return Request Online Form
 We will always need to get the product back via our RMA Return Material Authorization process using our online form. We will need to know the serial number of the unit and invoice number. Product sent back to us without our prior approval (i.e. without a RMA number) may be returned or refused. Please use our online return request form. Our issuing a refund in the form of either a check or a store credit is also dependent upon you following the terms and conditions outlined in our warranty, refund and returns sections.

I got the wrong model or part number and I want to return it, what do I do?  
Please let us know within 10 calendar days of receiving the product if it is the wrong product (i.e. not what you ordered). If it is new and the wrong product do not open the box since it will then not be resalable as new and we then may not take it back. If it is the wrong product, please give us the opportunity to take back the unit and replace it with the correct model. Please contact our returns department immediately via our online rma form if you get the wrong product. 

How long in days is my RMA Return Material Authorization number good for?  
It is good for 10 calendar days. Please send product back to us within 10 calendar days of when it was issued. Product that comes in after 10 calendar days 
may be returned and the warranty may not be honored and a new RMA may need to be issued. This is a typical condition our distributors put on us when we 
need to return product to them.

How quickly will my return issue be handled by us ? 
We will process your return as quickly as we can. It could be one to several days for us to issue you a RMA number. We are some times dependent upon our distributors and suppliers to turn around your warranty claim so we in turn can issue you a RMA number. We will always do our best to expedite your warranty problems.


Can I send the unit back and pay a restock fee? Yes, (see below) our restocking fee is 25% or minimum of $35.
1. The restocking fee applies within 10 calendar days after you received the product. 
    After this initial 10 days the product can not be returned and a restock fee can not be paid. 
2. Additionally, in a few situations, we may advise you prior to shipping (in advance) that the product is not returnable and so you will not be able to send the 
    product back and pay a restocking fee. 
3. On new items if you see on the box the model or part number is incorrect please do not open the box since then these "new" items will not be new 
    anymore and may not be returnable since the new seal has been broken on the shipping carton.

What is your refund policy if you can not repair or replace the product?
If and only if we can not repair or replace the unit and determine the product is "defective", we will issue you a refund check with no restocking fee.
If we determine the product is good and is not "defective", our restock fee will apply

What is your refund policy if you ship me the wrong product?

We will replace the product with the correct model.

How quickly should I expect a refund check or a store credit?
Since we have to issue a RMA Return Material Authorization number, then get the product back from you, and then send you a check or store credit back 
by mail this process could take 1 to 2 weeks. If you need to check on the status of your refund please email sales@eraindotamastore.com

Please use our paid repairs request online form on our contact us button in our website. We have been repairing tape drives, optical drives and printers


When can my order ship?
Orders placed by 9AM (GMT +7 - Honai, Bangkok, Jakarta) ship in 24 to 48 hours (not weekends/holidays) Estimate delivery 6 - 10 Days By AIR Freight, Paper Order will be by SEAFREIGHT 30 Days.

Which shippers do you use?  Can I have you ship on my Fedx, UPS or DHL account?
We ship via UPS, Federal Express, EMS or DHL for less than 200lbs for more than 200lbs we will use EMS and our custom Shipping Company. We will ship via the TIKI JNE for domestic Order(Indonesian customers). We not allow you to enter your Fedx, UPS or DHL account number into our shopping cart when you are checking out Because we need the coorection of your bill address you for shipping to avoid fraud.

Will Call by Appointment Only. 
Most parts are not in our sales office.

We ship to all countries.
We ship to and sell to customers in every country.

Quote Needed? Heavy Items, EMS Postal Service, Custom Shipping
When you need a quote for a heavy item (over 500lbs*), EMS Postal Service or custom shipping
please go back back and complete your order by following the below steps. After we get your completed order
we will then quote you the shipping cost for your approval before we ship & charge your order. 

1. Search and find item you want, then click add to cart button or buy now link.
    Then choose the shipping option on page 1 of 3 in our cart & click the green checkout button. 

2. Now you are on the Address & Payment page 2 of 3 in our cart.
    Go to the comments section and write in your desired shipping method or request.
    Example: EMS Service or Our Customs Shipping Company Service, etc..
    Then select payment method. We will not charge you extra cost. Do not send us
    Paypal money or wire us money at this point. And we will not invoice you until after you approve the shipping quote.
    Now complete your order by clicking the red checkout button next to the payment method you need.

3.You are finished. You will see a receipt and be on page 3 of 3 in our cart. Also a receipt will be emailed to you.
    After we get your order, a sales agent will contact you with your shipping cost for you to approve before we ship or charge your order.
    If you have questions about the above then please use the methods provided off our contact us page.

*500lbs can be actual physical weight or dimensional (dim) weight.
If an incorrect ship method/cost is chosen when ordering we will then with your approval adjust the shipping cost.
We are not bound or obligated to honor shipping prices mistakenly chosen or posted to our web site.

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How will PT. Era Indotama use my email address I provided with my order?
We will use your email address to communicate with you regarding the status of your order and our Bill verification department may communicate with you via email to find out more information that is needed to process yourprocess  or verify your identity. Emails could come from us for this reason.
Also we will email you about once a week to let you know about promotions and specials that we have that will save you money. 
Every email has at the bottom of it a link for you to utilize to remove your email address from our email list if you do not want to receive further emails. This way you do not need to email anybody at the company to have us manually remove you from our email list.

When you are in our shopping cart on the page that asks for your bill to, ship to and payment information you will notice the lock at the bottom of the page
which shows it is secure. Additionally the url will change from http:// to https:// which is a secure page. If you right click on this payment page in our shoppingcart you will see under properties that we are using SSL 3.0, RC4 with 128 bit encryption (High); RSA with 1024 bit exchange. You can verify our SSLcertification by clicking on the below Starfield logo. We are using s
ystems SSL certificate
In addition to our SSL certification, we are utilizing McAfees third party Hacker Safe monitoring system to constantly check our web site for vulnerabilities.