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You must read, understand, accept and agree to these terms and conditions before using the application in order to receive content from us. By accessing or using our website, we will assume that you understand and agreed to all of the content within the terms and conditions below. Important to remember, Terms and conditions may be changed or updated at any time without prior notice. We expected for all customers to re-read this terms and conditions regularly.

1. Terms Of Use Site
When visiting and using our website, each user is required to obedient to these following provisions:

  • Minimum user age is 18 Years old, Married, or who have met the requirements of international law and has been included in the category of adult or been detached from the Child Protection Law.

  • Accessing the site is only permitted for the purposes of shopping and looking for information related to the services of this site.

  • Users are not permitted to reproduce, distribute, display, sell, lease, transmit, translate, modify, reverse, damaging, decompile or otherwise exploit our website.

  • Users are not permitted to load and publish content in Violation of copyrights, patents, trademarks, service marks, trade secrets, or other proprietary rights, threatening, obscene, indecent, pornographic or could give rise to any civil or criminal liability Indonesian law or international law, contain bugs, viruses, worms, trap doors, trojan horses, code, and other malicious software.

2. Review & Comment
The entire comments and reviews that are written in our website will be considered and treated as the content is not confidential. Reviews and comment that have been written, belongs to us and can not be returned. You are not allowed to write by using another person's identity. You are not allowed to write comments or reviews that contain the phrase harassment for contaminate our good name or other third parties. We reserves the right to change or remove comments and reviews that contain sentences that are not worthy, such as. pornography, Abuses, humiliation, pollution, etc.

3. Intellectual Property Rights
we are the sole owner or lawful licensee of all the rights and content on this site. The entire content contained in this site include intellectual property that is protected by copyright the laws and the laws that protect intellectual property in force in international law. All title and intellectual property rights in this site and its contents remain at Us, affiliates or licensors of the Content. All rights not expressly stated in this Agreement by us, is protected by the laws such as:

  • Entire Ownership of Software.

  • Eraindotamastore.com names, icons and logos are registered trademarks in various jurisdictions and are protected by laws on copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights. It is strictly forbidden to use, modify, or install the brands mentioned above for personal interest.

4. Links
This site may contain links to other websites owned and operated by third parties. You need to know, that we are not responsible for the operation of or content located on such sites.


  • Prices shown on our website does not include postage.

  • For shopping online through a shopping cart, order and shipment will be processed after receipt of payment by our bank account, by sending proof of your payment to us. Delivery time depends on destination. For delivery using courier services, we work with the courier services are accompanied by insurance to prevent loss or damage during transit.

  • Some goods are not available so prior booking is required.

  • Every product purchased from us, comes with a warranty period, adjusted by the manufacturer's warranty for each product.

  • Items purchased can not be returned or exchanged for other goods, unless there is a prior agreement.

  • All efforts have been made ​​to assure maximum accuracy of all information has been posted. we do not guarantee with respect to the accuracy of the data, including product specifications and editorial.

  • If within the warranty period, there is damage to the goods, please contact us within 1x24 hours after the order has been sent

  • When assistance by phone did not work, please send back the defective product to us. Cost of shipping back products that have been repaired or exchange will be the responsibility of us, so we have a responsibility to provide a good quality product.

  • You will receive email notifications regarding Delivery Receipt Number after we send your order product. You can also monitor the status of your order by entering the tracking number at the website of our delivery service.

6. Price
If in certain circumstances, there is a price error or information about a specific product caused by a typing error or error rates and information from suppliers, we reserve the right to refuse or cancel orders that use an incorrect price, including orders that have been paid. If the order was paid by credit card, and your credit card has been charged for the purchase, then we will issue a refund for the amount you have paid.

7. Product Description
we always trying to to provide a product description as accurate as possible. But we can not 100% guarantee that all descriptions or content contained in the website is accurate, complete, current, or error-free. If a product offered by us is not as stated in the product description, then you can return it in unused condition or the seal has not been opened.

8. Registered Users - Membership

  • Becoming a Registered User is free of charge or for free.

  • By choosing to create an account as a member of our site, will be making an account name and password when completing the registration process.

  • you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of your account name and password, Registered Users are solely responsible for all activities that call on the name of the Registered User account.

  • as a member of us, you agree to:

  • We promptly notify each of the alleged unauthorized use or invalid in the name of your Member account.

  • Ensure that you exit (log out) from your account at the end of every activity on our site. in order to avoid potential misuse of your account.

  • We have every right to restrict, block or terminate the service of an account, prohibit access to our sites and content, services, and slow down or remove hosted content, and take legal steps to keep you or other users if we deem you or other users violate applicable laws, infringe the intellectual property rights of the parties concerned, or commit an offense in violation of the terms contained in this Agreement.

  • That you may not sell, attempt to sell, offer to sell, give, assign or otherwise transfer an Account, User ID or password to any third party without the knowledge and prior written consent of Us. We may suspend or terminate your Account or Accounts transferee, offered for sale, supplied, delivered or transferred in violation of the provisions of this Article. If the limited ability to identify these violations Us, then the whole result, risk is the responsibility of you who distract.